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Project Subject:
Banking Sector Reform including Strengthening of Banking Supervision The assignment began with an initial design stage that took the core team members to Vietnam for a month and a half to identify the needs of the State Bank of Vietnam for support. The implementation focused on strengthening banking supervision and several related functions within the central bank. Laws were amended, new regulations drafted, banking examiners were trained in new international standards, an examination manual was prepared, internal audit was strengthened as was HR Management. The project introduced new software and hardware for a HR information management system and an internal audit administrative system. Study missions, local training and attendance at international conferences were funded by the project. The Canadian Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions was engaged to provide two conferences on banking supervision standards. It is expected that the project work will be taken up again in a future project by CIDA.
Client Organization:
State Bank of Vietnam
2004 - 2010
Funding Agency:
Key Staffing:
H. Knight, P. Seguin, R. Abplanalp, G. Gegenheimer, K. Parent, G. David, J. Chertkow, J. Chester, J. Hefty, J. Bussieres, C. Montambault, H. Schuman, Doug Wyatt, Jim Giannetto, Martin Guilfoyale
USD$8 million
Associated Firm/
IBM Consulting Canada, Gowlings (law firm)

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