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Financial & capital market reform

DevPar has been carrying out projects in this specialization for over ten years. Our professional staff include experienced bankers, securities and insurance personnel from developed countries. Their backgrounds are in policy development, regulation and basic institutional functions covering both front and back office activities. Often they include specialists in areas such as depository systems, or accountants knowledgeable in International Accounting Standards, or bankers with expertise in credit granting, risk management, payments systems, evaluation and recovery. They can be human resource management experts with experience in change management, classification systems and knowledge management. We offer a wide range of technical expertise with international experience that can work effectively to achieve reform across the spectrum of financial and capital markets.

In addition to the support provided to the larger traditional financial institution in the formal sector, DevPar has considerable experience in micro finance, rural credit, credit unions and other financial co-operatives. Our work in these sectors has included policy, regulatory, deposit insurance, recovery and strengthening projects. Training and new product development carried out in a marketing context has been extensive. In several situations, our teams have led turnarounds of institutions operating with less than satisfactory results.

A review of the assignments performed will demonstrate how we have contributed to the conduct of feasibility studies for the introduction of new markets and products, the strengthening of market supervision and regulation, the establishment of new institutions, extensive training of market participants and the restructuring of existing institutions.

The Canadian International Development Agency awarded DevPar a Standing Offer Contract to provide specialist advice to the Agency on matters relating to Development Finance, which includes financial institutions, capital markets and related regulations (Agreement Number 2000477)

List of projects:

Mid term assessment of MISFA and microfinance development - Afghanistan

Recovery of Central Bank Accounting System - Angola

Development of a training program to support the licencing of securities market professionals. - Angola

Technical Support to Evaluate Microfinance Projects. - Asia Region

The design and delivery of a governance training program for supervisory boards of credit unions - Azerbaijan

Securities Market Training Study - Bangladesh

Capacity building at the SEC for advanced regulatory issues. - Bangladesh

Market Study of Demand for financial products and recommend how to meet demand. - Belize

Provide TA on the restructuring of the Development Finance Corp - Belize

Assessment of Obstacles to the development of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange - Cape Verde

Evaluate Stock Exchange Proposal and Assist Initial Implementation Preparations - Cape Verde

Assessment of training effectiveness at the Czech Stock Exchange - Czech Republic

A study of securities market development potential for capital market. - Dominican Republic

Securities Market Training for regionally harmonized approach to licensing of individuals and covering other bond market topics - East African Community

Create a securities market training toolkit - East African Community

Bank Payment Systems Reform - Legal Component - Eastern Caribbean

Securities Markets Training - Egypt

Review and evaluation of proposed project for strengthening caisses populaires in five regional networks. - French West Africa

West African regional securities market - Evaluate the market and make proposals for strengthening. - French West Africa Monetary and Economic Union

Advice on Launch of the French West African Stock Exchange in Abidjan - French West Africa Region

Introduction of International Accounting Standards in Commercial Banks - Georgia, Republic of

Equity Market Specialist Support - Ghana

Assessment of 115 Rural and Community Banks in Ghana - Ghana

Evaluation of Bank of Ghana's interim gathering and processing of non-financial Economic Data - Ghana

Agriculture Development Bank Operational Strengthening - Ghana

Establishment of Stock Exchange - Ghana

Development of debt management guidelines and regulations - Ghana

Anti-Money Laundering Study - Remittances, Ghana - Ghana

Enhance economic forecasting to support monetary policy management - Ghana

Evaluation of Training in Securities Sector - Hungary

Research on Y2K in the financial and business sector - International

Facilitate a strategic planning process for the institution to achieve a turnaround and lay out a longer-term program of development. - Jamaica

Feasibility Study of Establishing a securities market and stock exchange - Lesotho

Strategic study for the development of savings and credit associations in Moldova - Moldova

Credit Guarantee Fund of Mongolia Capacity Building and management advisory project over a two-year period, now extended to the end of 2018 - Mongolia

Facilitate the First Listed Security - Mozambique

Provide training and technical material on corporate governance in banking industry - Mozambique

Develop the Mozambique Micro Finance Sector - Mozambique

Feasibility Study of Stock Exchange in Mozambique - Mozambique

Evaluation of Training Programs as part of financial sector reform - Mozambique

Held workshops for members of the Nigerian Mortgage Bankers' Association on the mortgage market in Canada and internationally. - Nigeria

Capacity building and institutional strengthening at the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) GRANT NO. 5500155010351 - Nigeria

Carry out a strategic study for the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria - Nigeria

Design of a mortgage guarantee program - Nigeria

Introduction of new SME Products and Training of Personnel - Pakistan

Strengthening of Regional Co-operative Bank Dolnoslaski - Poland

Strengthening of Regional Co-operative Bank Malopolski - Poland

Strengthening of Regional Co-operative Bank Baltycki - Poland

Evaluate a Banking Proposal to fund Micro Finance Lenders - Romania

Program Evaluation for CIDA funding of Development of Financial Sector - Romania

A review of the micro prudential indicators used in banking supervision - Russia

Study of credit cooperatives - Russia

Financial Institution for the region to support infrastructure development - SADC

Feasibility Study for the start-up of the stock exchange - Seychelles

Strategy and Plan to Develop Capital Market - Sierra Leone

Evaluation of Training in Securities Sector - Slovakia

Support to the Bank of Tanzania on the Development of the Capital Market. - Tanzania

Feasibility Study and Plan for the development of a Securities Market in Tanzania - Tanzania

Operational/financial model and training for smaller micro-finance institutions. - Thailand

Design, Development and Implementation of Training for Securities Market Licenses - Thailand

A financial market study and a market development plan - The Gambia

Feasibility Study for the Start-up of the Stock Exchange. - Uganda

Evaluation of Financial Market Development program. - Uganda

Securities Markets Training - Uganda

Primary Dealers in Government Securities - Uganda

Development of a professional securities training program, market promotion program and improved supervision of securities dealers and brokers. - Vietnam

Banking Sector Reform including Strengthening of Banking Supervision - Vietnam




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