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DevPar together with NGOs and other development organisations, have been working closely on projects that seek to alleviate poverty through the development of economic activity. Taken in a holistic sense, training in life skills and economic activity can be closely related. Economic issues are often impacted by gender limitations with adverse consequences for family units. Accordingly, many projects in community development focus on gender strategies for overcoming constraints.

The introduction of micro finance has been one way that natural opportunities for economic activity have be encouraged and supported. Our work in this area has stimulated a variety of microenterprise development opportunities.

Some of the assignments carried out by member firms are listed below:

List of Projects:

Market Study of Demand for financial products and recommend how to meet demand. - Belize

Provide TA on the restructuring of the Development Finance Corp - Belize

To carry out an evaluation of the CCELD program that aimed to build leaders in the region. - Caribbean Region

Review and evaluation of proposed project for strengthening caisses populaires in five regional networks. - French West Africa

West African regional securities market - Evaluate the market and make proposals for strengthening. - French West Africa Monetary and Economic Union

Advice on Launch of the French West African Stock Exchange in Abidjan - French West Africa Region

Study of Consultant Certification - Ghana

Assessment of 115 Rural and Community Banks in Ghana - Ghana

Facilitate a strategic planning process for the institution to achieve a turnaround and lay out a longer-term program of development. - Jamaica

Strategic study for the development of savings and credit associations in Moldova - Moldova

Develop the Mozambique Micro Finance Sector - Mozambique

Strengthening of Regional Co-operative Bank Baltycki - Poland

Strengthening of Regional Co-operative Bank Dolnoslaski - Poland

Strengthening of Regional Co-operative Bank Malopolski - Poland

Evaluate a Banking Proposal to fund Micro Finance Lenders - Romania

Study of credit cooperatives - Russia

Assessment of the development requirements for the SME sector in RSA - South Africa

Evaluation of Investment Promotion Centre - Tanzania

Assessment of Save-the-Children Fund UK - United Kingdom


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