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DevPar has carried out a range of projects that have supported the conduct of programs and projects for development agencies. These have included: feasibility studies; project design; operational evaluations; progress and post-completion evaluations; monitoring; and the identification of performance indicators and measures. Several of these assignments have reflected the areas of specialisation of member firms.

Some of the assignments carried out by member firms are listed below:

List of Projects:

Mid-term review of the Community-based education program in rural and remote communities - Afghanistan

Mid term assessment of MISFA and microfinance development - Afghanistan

To carry out a performance audit of the registry maintained for those offshore institutions and organizations required to be licensed under the FSC. - Anguilla

Technical Support to Evaluate Microfinance Projects. - Asia Region

Evaluation of Capacity Building project at the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh - Bangladesh

Research into the CIDA classification systems for project experience - Canada

Institutional Assessment of the Parliamentary Centre for CIDA - Canada

Evaluation of an international capacity-building program to strengthen statistics bureaus - Canada and International

Evaluate Stock Exchange Proposal and Assist Initial Implementation Preparations - Cape Verde

Assessment of Obstacles to the development of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange - Cape Verde

To carry out an evaluation of the CCELD program that aimed to build leaders in the region. - Caribbean Region

Assessment of training effectiveness at the Czech Stock Exchange - Czech Republic

Carried out a methodological study for DFATD on the headline results indicators for certain thematic aspects of DFATD's development work - Development Countries

Evaluated draft legislation proposed for stimulating Investment Promotion - Ethiopia

Evaluation of the Benishangul Gumuz Food Security and Economic Growth Project in Ethiopia. - Ethiopia

Evaluation of a multi-donor program to support planning of food security. Project included the establishment of a commodity exchange. - Ethiopia

Review and evaluation of proposed project for strengthening caisses populaires in five regional networks. - French West Africa

Mid term Evaluation of GRATIS program - Ghana

Carried out a mid-term assessment of the district development facility (DDF) and the functional and organization assessment tool (FOAT) and compare results with the district wide assistance program (DWAP). - Ghana

Study of Consultant Certification - Ghana

Review and assessment of government budgeting and reporting system - Guyana

Evaluation of Training in Securities Sector - Hungary

Operational Assessment of Private Sector Development Project - India

Research on Y2K in the financial and business sector - International

Assessment of Evaluations of IFAD portfolio of projects - International

Feasibility Study of Establishing a securities market and stock exchange - Lesotho

Evaluation of Training Programs as part of financial sector reform - Mozambique

Feasibility Study of Stock Exchange in Mozambique - Mozambique

An evaluation of a capacity building project administered through ACORD and NGO with operations in several countries. - Pan African

Program Evaluation for CIDA funding of Development of Financial Sector - Romania

Evaluate a Banking Proposal to fund Micro Finance Lenders - Romania

Study of credit cooperatives - Russia

Financial Institution for the region to support infrastructure development - SADC

Feasibility Study for the start-up of the stock exchange - Seychelles

Evaluation of Training in Securities Sector - Slovakia

Assessment of the development requirements for the SME sector in RSA - South Africa

Evaluation of Training and TA to the Offices of the Auditors General of the South Pacific - South Pacific OAGs

Feasibility Study and Plan for the development of a Securities Market in Tanzania - Tanzania

Evaluation of Investment Promotion Centre - Tanzania

5-Year Monitoring of Teacher Development Program - Tanzania

Evaluation of Financial Market Development program. - Uganda

Feasibility Study for the Start-up of the Stock Exchange. - Uganda

Carried out an evaluation of the human resource strengthening project for the Civil Service Commission in the Ukraine - Ukraine

Assessment of Save-the-Children Fund UK - United Kingdom

Review and assessment of Government Budgeting and Reporting System - Vietnam


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