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DevPar is committed to the provision of services in each of the core areas of specialization, even though we may also provide other services as well. These core specializations are as follows:

Each of these areas of specialization is explained separately on its own page within this web site and can be accessed by clicking on the name listed above.

There are certain important common characteristics to the work we perform in all areas. One is that we are focused on knowledge and skill transfer and the building of local capacity within the client organization. We want a "partnership" relationship with our clients in these situations. Another is that we seek to adapt concepts and technical solutions from developed countries to suit the implementation environment of developing countries, consistent with basic standards and international norms where they apply. Our desire is for the beneficiary client to be the winner from all of our work measured in terms of enhancements and benefits conferred.

Our emphasis on "partnerships" in development work is derived from experience that clearly indicates that different kinds of inputs are required for projects to achieve superior results. In some cases, the participation of NGOs with us can produce better results. In other cases, the involvement of managers and/or staff from Western organisations, businesses or institutions will be effective in capacity building. Local experts can also be a key ingredient to projects to provide a thorough understanding of the cultural context for the work and for providing local language skills. Local firms can also provide continuity in the future when they have been involved in the early work.

Assignments have been carried out in a wide range of development regions and under several language environments. Refer to our project experience by clicking the appropriate specialization at the top of this page.



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