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The following paragraphs describe the key credentials of our professional staff involved in international consulting. They are recaps of CVs and make brief selections from often extensive career information. The purpose behind offering these synopses of credentials is to indicate the high level of expertise our staff can provide. A side benefit is to show the relationship between individual consultant profiles and the assignments we have carried out. For this reason, links have been provided between the summary profiles and the assignments described in the experience write-ups offered in the Specialization tables.

John Hardy

Bank Treasury Specialist

John is a treasury specialist with considerable experience in Asia and Eastern Europe. He has joined the firm for its bid in India to set up risk management systems at a state-owned financial institution.

Peter Ward

Bank Credit Management Specialist

Peter Ward will be leading the team proposed for the risk management project in India

View Peter Ward's CV with project list

Dr. Mack Ott


An experienced economist and advisor to governments and central banks

View Dr. Mack Ott's CV with project list

Michael Roe

Senior Financial Consultant

Michael is a financial market specialist with a background in private sector investments, securities markets and banking.

Michel Vande Velde

Banking Operations Specialist

An experienced bank accountant and controller. He has carried out a number of international development projects to improve bank operations, MIS and accounting systems,

View Michel Vande Velde's CV with project list

Henry Knight

Financial Market Specialist

Henry is a chartered accountant with over twenty years experience in development relating to financial reform in both the public and private sectors.

View Henry Knight's CV with project list

Jim Chester

Training Specialist in the Securities Industry

Jim is a specialist in securities training and has designed and developed training programs for licensing for securities regulatory agencies.

Robert Hudson

Securities Legal Specialist

Robert is a lawyer with experience at the BC Securities Commission in Canada

View Robert Hudson's CV with project list

Anthony Wills

Banking Regulation Specialist

Tony is a former examiner with the Bank of England. He has carried out projects for the firm in Russia.

View Anthony Wills's CV with project list

Joel Hefty

Bank Examinations Specialist

An experienced bank examiner and trainer of bank examiners. Is performing examiner training on the Vietnam Bank Reform Project for DevPar

View Joel Hefty's CV with project list

Claude Montambault

Human Resource Management Specialist

Mr. Montambault is a specialist in HR management of public sector organizations including central banks.

Gary Gegenheimer

Legal Advisor on Banking

A senior advisor on legal reform in banking.

View Gary Gegenheimer's CV with project list

Promil Paul

Evaluations Specialist and Financial Consultant

Promil is an experienced project evaluation specialist who led and carried out project portfolio evaluations at the African Development Bank. She is a Principal at DevPar for evaluations and monitoring.

View Promil Paul's CV with project list


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