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Development Partnerships (DevPar) is an association of consulting firms working together to provide technical assistance in the conduct of projects in developing countries. The focus is on "development" and improving the general welfare of people living in emerging, transitional and developing countries. The approach is through "partnerships" in recognition that the participation of the most appropriate teams on projects will achieve the best sustainable results for beneficiaries. This is best summed up in our motto:

"Bringing together experienced partners to provide skills, expertise and technology to the conduct of projects in developing countries"

DevPar currently consists of three member firms representing Canada, the UK and the USA. It includes networked consulting firms and NGOs with which member firms work in partnership on projects. It also includes a number of local firms in developing countries that work closely with member firms to provide required inputs.

The areas of specialization in which DevPar works most often include:

Firms in DevPar resources, accept common standards and technology, and operate under a Group Agreement. We invite enquiries from interested donor agencies, country representatives, consulting firms and/or consultants.

DevPar's major clients include: World Bank; Asian Development Bank; African Development Bank; United Nations Development Program; European Commission; the Canadian International Development Agency; US Aid; Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency; and others.


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