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Covid-19 Updates

DevPar staff are available through phone and the usual electronic means.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Masks are required for all persons entering our premises.

Address Change

Our contact address has changed:
1 - 201 Ontario Street,
Cobourg ON
K9A 3B7

DevPar Financial Consulting Ltd. (DevPar)
Our Services ...

DevPar Financial Consulting Ltd. (DevPar) provides many services as a result of our ever-growing experience. We are especially committed to maintaining the provision of services in each of the following core areas:

Each section above provides links to our project experience.

There are certain important common characteristics to the way our work is performed:

  • We aim for a partnership relationship with our clients.
  • We seek to adapt concepts and technical solutions from developed countries to suit the implementation environment of developing countries, consistent with basic standards and international norms where they apply.
  • Our desire is for the beneficiary client to be the winner from all our work as measured in terms of enhancements and benefits conferred.

Our focus is on skills/ knowledge transfer and building local capacity within the client organization.

Our emphasis on conducting development work through partnerships is derived from our experience – that different scenarios require different inputs to achieve superior results. In some cases, we can produce better results by partnering with NGOs. In other cases, capacity building is most effectively achieved by the involvement of managers and/or staff from western organisations, businesses, or institutions.
Local firms provide ground support and can provide continuity in the future when they have been involved in the early work. Partnering with local firms also enables skills transfers to take place that leave a more lasting effect on the recipient organization. Local experts can be a key ingredient to providing a thorough understanding of the cultural and linguistic context for the work.

DevPar has carried out assignments in a wide range of development regions and under several language environments.

DevPar logo which is a 
world globe divided in two. One half is part of a D, the other half is part of a P.  

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