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  1992 - 2000
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Our Areas of Specialization
Research, Studies, & Monitoring-Evaluation-Learning (MEL)

DevPar has carried out a range of projects that have supported the conduct of programs and projects for development agencies. These have included: feasibility studies; project design; operational evaluations; progress and post-completion evaluations; monitoring; and the identification of performance indicators and measures. Many of these assignments have reflected the core areas of the firm.

We have conducted market research in both national and regional developing country markets, particularly relating to the demand for financial services by micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises. The research has addressed the identification of unmet demand for services, the determination of product and service requirements, the development of product and delivery alternatives, and the features required to raise assurances of debt service.

DevPar has been engaged in several countries to carry out feasibility studies relating to the establishment of training institutions and the estimate of demand for financial services to support new institutions and mechanisms to meet the demand.

We have undertaken feasibility studies for the introduction of new markets and products, the strengthening of market supervision and regulation, the establishment of new institutions, extensive training of market participants, and the restructuring of existing institutions.

We offer a wide range of technical expertise with international experience that can work effectively to achieve reform across the spectrum of financial and capital markets.

DevPar has been awarded Standing Offers by the Canadian and UK governments to carry out monitoring and evaluations of international development projects and programs. We have worked particularly in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.

We take the approach of emphasizing a balance between the factors that are strong and those that could be improved. We seek to discover lessons learned and to provide clear evidence for findings.

List of projects preformed in:

DevPar logo which is a 
world globe divided in two. One half is part of a D, the other half is part of a P.  

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