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Address Change

Our contact address has changed:
1 - 201 Ontario Street,
Cobourg ON
K9A 3B7

Covid-19 Updates

DevPar staff are available through phone and the usual electronic means.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Masks are required for all persons entering our premises.

Welcome to
DevPar Financial Consulting Ltd. (DevPar)

Our Motto:

"Bringing together experienced partners to provide
skills, expertise and technology
to the conduct of projects in developing countries."

DevPar is an international financial and management consultancy based in Canada.

The leading letters of Development and Partnerships is how our name was forged.

Our focus is on improving the general welfare of people living in emerging, transitional, and developing countries; and, both establishing, and strengthening, key public and private sector institutions and services.

We partner with international organizations and experts, and with national firms and consultants.
Our preferred approach is to conduct projects by establishing partnerships of those who can together achieve the most effective results for the client. This enhances the impact of the consulting intervention by involving organizations in the same business to twin with the beneficiary client. This is accomplished by deploying international experts with specific technical and change management experience, and by attracting the involvement of national consultants who can bring cultural, analytical, and linguistic capacity to the work.

DevPar built its business over 30 years on a core set of project management principles and processes. Guided by a professional manual outlining the risks and how to overcome them in the management of projects, the firm assigns experienced managers to projects on a repetitive basis to provide continuity and adherence to our policies and practices.

DevPar has carried out a number of projects to build capacity in financial and capital markets. These projects involve adherence to international standards, following best practices, and addressing development issues. The issues include achieving financial inclusion, responding to increasing product sophistication, adopting innovations in technology and communications, and building professional competence and performance within institutions.

DevPar has evolved its core services over the years as a result of referrals and extensions of project work. Our work, for example, in public sector financial management such as public sector accounting and budgeting, performance audits, longer-term planning and strategic management have led to opportunities to propose on evaluations, monitoring and feasibility studies. In all these areas of work by the firm, we apply standards of effective project management including considerations of gender, environmental protection and governance.

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DevPar is a limited liability company incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act. The firm is registered with international financial institutions as a provider of consulting services.

CAIDP logo We adhere to the CAIDP Code of Professional Conduct: CAIDP

DevPar logo which is a 
world globe divided in two. One half is part of a D, the other half is part of a P.  

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